Dr Darren Green (2019-2020)

Dr Darren Green is acclaimed as one of the most respected South African medical TV personalities. His infectious energy and open heart continually touch the lives of many via various platforms ranging from television, radio and print media. Green shares a wealth of knowledge from his clinical experience in both the private and public health sector and explains medical concepts with contagious passion and energy.

Besides being at the forefront of promoting health and wellness, he’s a seasoned singer and professional performer, now famed the ‘singing doctor’. Darren performed for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday, as well as for events honouring Archbishop Desmond Tutu. His captivating album, In Fusion, was the first South African pop album to be mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by Geoff Pesche, who is responsible for the likes of Coldplay, Sting and Kylie Minogue. In Fusion was locally produced by Helmut Meijer, the renowned producer from Stellenbosch.

Green also lends his time as a motivational speaker and neuro-wellness consultant – there’ s no end to the magic that he spreads.