No frills. No fuss. No bullsh*t PR.

Founded in 2015 and based in Cape Town, 20 Across is a PR and talent management agency specialising in celebrity publicity, as well as lifestyle and entertainment PR.

20 Across represents TV and radio personalities, DJs, musicians, performers, filmmakers, photographers, YouTubers, sportsmen and women, business leaders, content creators, models, comedians and lawyers…to name but a few.


20 Across not only represents incredible local and international personalities but is made up of fabulous personalities too.

Fabrizia Degli Esposti - Director

Fabrizia Degli Esposti - Director

I‘m the one that started all this madness that is 20 Across and I love it. With over 14 years’ experience in PR and marketing, I always dreamt of one day owning my own agency. All that became a reality in 2015 and I haven‘t looked back since. I’ll try everything at least once, which is how I know I despise olives. I‘ve recently developed a mild obsession for Spanish mini-series, and don’t get me started on anything to do with Ancient Egypt unless you have a few hours to spare.

Sarah Zollner - Account Manager

Sarah Zollner - Account Manager

I’m a lover of all things four-legged and furry, an avid wine-taster and a self-proclaimed professional at making chicken pie. My passion for South African music lead me to 20 Across in 2016 where I manage musicians, performers, DJs, singers, songwriters as well as radio personalities...and a chef! I one day dream of living in the mountains with fibre internet, a pack of about 12 dogs and a hunky boyfriend to tend to my every wish.

Marvin - Office Mascot

Marvin - Office Mascot

It‘s not easy being this sexy but someone in the office had to accept the title. Fabrizia and I have been working together since 2003 so it was only natural that I would join the 20 Across team as Head of Security and Sexiness, as well as Office Mascot. Some would say I’m full of hot air but I don‘t let others’ opinions get the better of me.




Unit 202, Second Floor, Salt Circle, 19 Kent Road, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925

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